Our high standards, service and experienced staff, creates the difference between our outstanding commitment and results, and other auction companies. We make sure that every Client is treated and served with expertise by our whole staff.

  1. Valuations: Bidway treats every valuation, no matter what the size, with the same knowledge and commitment, for each opportunity. Establishing and providing market related valuations for most of the financial institutions and insolvency practitioners over the last 15 years, Stef Olivier, is providing Bidway Auction House with unobtainable value and experience. Establishing forced sale values, marketing related and replacement values can only be done with knowledge, research and experience, some that Bidway is very fortunate to have. Bidway can provide valuations for any movable or in-movable asset, from Antique furniture, Household furniture & Appliances, Engineering & Manufacturing equipment, Catering & Restaurant Equipment, Vehicles, trucks & earth moving equipment, and properties.
  2. Recovery and Uplifting: At Bidway we offer a team of industry experts with “hands on” experience who possess the keys to successful management and disposition of diverse equipment types, as well as the assurance of high-level attention to each transaction and an absolute commitment to doing the best possible job for you, our valued Client. We take great care and can acquire quick and efficient recovery and upliftment of any type and kind of assets, like, Specialized Antique and Art collections, Large volumes of Furniture and office blocks, complete household and restaurants, engineering and manufacturing equipment, vehicles, trucks and earthmoving equipment.
  3. Auctions: Bidway has created through years of knowledge in all phases of auctions to provide the most efficient and effective Auction processes to be able to commit to success at each auction. They possess the most advanced auction programs and administrative processes that keep all buyers & sellers informed on a daily basis. We keep track of all assets with great care moving through our auction process, from proving detailed stock list to detailed statements after sales. Our Auction floor will always be of the highest standard and Bidway can thrive on having ample customers on the auction floor with every auction. Bidway provides a central and upmarket showroom quality, auction house in Woodstock, where they will present auctions twice a month. Bidway also specializes in Onsite auctions, where they attend to the auctions at the venue of the business. The Onsite auctions are becoming more popular and Bidway have combined the perfect recipe which allows then to be able to set up Massive auctions within a couple of days. Bidway is also a partner in a company that has achieved more “money” than any auction, which is “changing of lives”; called Charity Auctions ( They provide charity auctions, benefits, fundraisers, and have changed lives all over South Africa, raising funds. Bidway is very fortunate to be part of this Company.

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